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The underground bunker

Emily's thoughts

bombo shelter

              He walked hurriedly and closed the door behind him. The atmosphere was stuffy, as if the oxygen that existed had ceded its place in fear. He blinked to adapt his vision at the twilight which prevailed. He walked a few more steps inside and looked around.

                The shelter was a long corridor around 500 meters, and a width of three to four meters. In the background there was a ramification to the left. It looked like a burrow. The walls were consisted of cold, grey concrete and steel. Τhere were no windows, only something like grates on the ceiling, which served as air vents. The only link to the outside world was the door by which he had entered a little while before.

                He watched hundreds of people, of all ages, crammed next to each other. Mothers with eyes full of despair, holding their babies in their…

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Fantastic Poem Emily!!! I also Love the Photo you used!!!

Emily's thoughts


I’m afraid of people

When the primitive feeling inside them awakens

I’m afraid of people

When their eyes fill up with hatred and enmity

I’m afraid of people

When their hand instead of holding pen, are holding gun

I’m afraid of people

When their words are hiding poison

Dread their need

For sovereignty which deprives freedom

I grieve thinking

So many evolution centuries seem to have passed in vain

I fear for our future

Could it be gloomier than our past?


Φοβάμαι τους ανθρώπους

Όταν το πρωτόγονο αίσθημα μέσα τους ξυπνά

Φοβάμαι  τους ανθρώπους

Όταν τα μάτια τους γεμίζουν με μίσος και έχθρα

Φοβάμαι τους ανθρώπους

Όταν στα χέρια αντί για πένα κρατάνε όπλο

Φοβάμαι τους ανθρώπους

Όταν στα λόγια τους κρύβεται δηλητήριο

Τρέμω την ανάγκη τους

Για κυριαρχία που στερεί την ελευθερία

Θλίβομαι  σκεπτόμενη

Τόσους αιώνες εξέλιξης που μοιάζουν μάταιοι

Φοβάμαι το μέλλον μας

Μήπως είναι πιο ζοφερό…

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Α Strange Encounter

A dark and beautiful story by Emily’s Thoughts

Emily's thoughts

Sad Angel

It was late, long after midnight, when Emily managed to fall asleep. After a short time, she completely immersed in the world of dreams.

During her dreamy wandering, in a remote place, she had an unexpected encounter. As she was hanging around aimlessly, lost among memories and images, she saw three angels seating at the shore of a teal lake. The landscape around them was blurred and faded. It looked like an old painting that was wounded from the ravages of time.

The image of the angels hardly reminded her, the form she had given them in her mind. Their appearance did not radiate anything like heavenly peace and tranquility. She saw sadness and pain in their eyes. Bitter despair was painted on their gloomy faces. Their music did not glorify happiness and peacefulness, but it was a low wailing, filled with the most mournful colors. There was not a…

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Back to School!!

Emily's thoughts


I love this time of the year since I was a little girl! It’s the perfect time to buy new stationery supplies and get ready for new adventures!

These are my creations on stationery products which you can find here:


Hope  you like them!

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~R.I.P Θάνος Ανεστόπουλος~

Emily's thoughts


Τα χρόνια του περάσανε,

λύπες, χαρές μοιράσανε

στην άδεια μας ζωή.

Φοβούμενος τα λάθη του,

φυλάκισε τα πάθη του

και έμεινε εκεί.

Μιλούσε με τον πόνο μας,

λευτέρωνε τον καημό μας

μες απ’ τη μουσική.

Το χρόνο δεν επρόλαβε,

ξοπίσω του προχώραγε,

σα βιαστικό παιδί.

Τραγούδι που εσώπασε,

καρδιά για λίγο κόπασε,

και άκου τη σιγή.

Τα λόγια βουβάθηκανε,

οι στοίχοι μόνο μείνανε,

από τον ποιητή.

©Emily’s thoughts

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